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Teacher's Page for Gateway Students

Beginning Fall 2020, this page lists all the information that students need to attend distance learning classes.


Google Classroom Codes for Gateway High School


Instructions to get on Google Classroom:

  1. Log in to your computer using your MDUSD account
  2. Go to Gmail
  3. Click on the 9 square grid at the top right corner
  4. Scroll down to the Classroom icon
  5. Click on the Classroom icon
  6. Click Join the Classroom
  7. Type in the code for the class you are in
  8. All codes are listed below
  9. Make sure when you join your camera and audio are working

Gateway Teachers and Counselors


Karla Branch

  • Geometry (9:00-9:30) Google Classroom code ouqbnw3
  • Algebra 1 (10:00-10:30) Google Classroom code cygups2
  • Algebra 2 (11:00-11:30) Google Classroom code i5pyn6x


Steven Clemmons

  • Period 1 English 3 Google Classroom code syfizzm
  • Period 2 Introduction to Music Google Classroom code 2tpsn3r
  • Period 3 World History Google Classroom code tzpaqbe
  • Period 4 Introduction to Film Google Classroom code q53lvir
  • Period 5 Introduction to Film Google Classroom code k6ywdq2


Julian Fiammengo

  • US Government Google Classroom code gmwrxpw


Sol Henik

  • Work Experience THURSDAYS ONLY (11:00-11:30) Google Classroom code sxmtvou 


Courtney Longua

  • Period 6 PE Google Classroom code kqp5zlg


Elizabeth McDonagh

Use this link for all McDonagh virtual classes

  • Period 1 English 2/3 Google Classroom code fafcp42
  • Period 2 English 3 Google Classroom code fafcp42
  • Period 3 English 4 Google Classroom code wcgb5xp
  • Period 5 Environmental Science Google Classroom code bizpyix
  • Period 6 Earth Science: Google Classroom code bj7btxb


James Saldivar

  • Regular Meeting Time Thursdays 10:30-11:00 am
  • Google Classroom code 05lcrny
  • This is FOR CREDIT!


Cristina Wray

  • Personal Finance (10:25-11:05) Google Classroom code wujpvmp
  • Math Tutoring All Levels (12:45-1:30) Google Classroom code gew5pou