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Corona Virus Updates

Update as of 4/14/2020-

(Please see the detailed letter below in the link that reads "Update as of April 14th)

    >School closures have now been extended through to the end of the school year. This means that no students will be allowed on campus for the remainder of the school year. We will continue to support by:

1. Printing and delivering work to those students that do not have internet access.

2. Online Google classroom assignments for those students that have a device and internet access. (Please see link below "Gateway Corona Virus Letter" to access these class codes)

3.Check our community resources section of the website to learn more about free meals being offered to all community members under the age of 18.

4.If students do not have internet access, but would like a device, we invite families to apply with Comcast to receive free internet services for 3 months, follow the link below to find out more info for this program:

Update as of 3/24/2020-

       >School closures have been extended to May 1st

       >For additional online resources for students please refer to the       district website at the link below:

To all students and families, please be sure to stay in contact with teachers during this time. A letter attached below has email contacts for all Gateway staff. Students are still expected to complete work during this time, excluding only the spring break recess from April 3-10. We look forward to seeing students return Monday, April 13th. This date can be subject to change per district and state orders, so please stay up to date at the following district website:


During this time please take the precautions set forth by the state and federal governments to stay virus free. Remain indoors as much as possible (social distancing). Wash your hands frequently, stay hydrated with water, and keep a 6 foot distance from others when you must go out.



Gateway Staff

Click the link below for the Gateway specific Corona Virus letter and online class information.

State Testing COVID-19 UPDATES

A Weekly Email from the California Department of Education

Assessment Spotlight
Focusing on the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) System and English Language Proficiency Assessments of California (ELPAC)—and including, when timely, updates on California’s other statewide assessments.
Update on COVID-19 and the Suspension of Statewide Testing
If your school is closed due to the unprecedented circumstances surrounding coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), you should not worry about any statewide testing this school year. The California Department of Education (CDE) is doing the following:

·       Suspending all CAASPP testing

·       Suspending Summative ELPAC testing

·       Placing the Physical Fitness Test on hold until students return to school

·       Canceling the California High School Proficiency Examination test administration for the weekend of March 21st. All March test takers have been re-registered for June or provided information on how to request a refund. Additional locations and space within current locations will be increased to accommodate this change.

·       Placing high school equivalency testing on hold until testing centers are reopened

In addition, if a school is back in session, the expectation is that the Initial ELPAC will be administered to students for initial identification, as required by California Education Code Section 313(a). However, Senate Bill 117 extended the timeline to conduct the Initial ELPAC by 45 days. Local educational agencies should continue to assess newly enrolled students whose primary language is not English when they return to school. This will ensure that new students who are English learners can receive the appropriate instruction and services. The CDE will continue to make available the following resources to support teaching and learning:

·       Practice tests, training tests, interim assessments, and Digital Library formative assessment tools and resources for CAASPP

·       Practice tests and training tests for ELPAC
The CDE is working with the California State Board of Education to seek waiver authority afforded by the US Department of Education to waive federal testing requirements. We will keep you updated as we have more information.

High School Equivalency Summer Convenings in August
Registration is now open for the August 2020 High School Equivalency Summer Convenings. These meetings, presented by the CDE, are designed for high school equivalency chief examiners and test site administrators and will be held at six locations throughout the state. Updated information will be presented by the GED® Testing Service, High School Equivalency Test—Educational Testing Service, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and the CDE. Be sure to register today to reserve your spot!
All About Accessibility

Expandable items and expandable passages are on-screen presentation universal tools for both CAASPP and ELPAC:

·        Expandable items. For this universal tool, each stimulus in the left pane and the question(s) in the right pane can be expanded to take up a larger portion of the screen when the student selects one of the two horizontal arrows between the passage and the question(s).

·        Expandable passages. For this universal tool, each passage or stimulus can be expanded to take up a larger portion of the screen when the student selects one of the two arrows in the passage pane.

More information on these universal tools can be found in Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium: Usability, Accessibility, and Accommodations Guidelines, available on the Smarter Balanced website

In addition, short video tutorials are available on the CAASPP Website Embedded Universal Tools, Designated Supports, and Accommodations Video Tutorials web page.